Introduction to interpersonal skills to improve rehab outcomes

Communication 34:25
Introduction to interpersonal skills to improve rehab outcomes

Ample clinical and scientific evidence clearly indicates that patients value strong interpersonal skills in addition, and often over strong technical skills when asked what they want in a good health care provider.  Despite the clear importance of strong interpersonal skills and the strength of the therapeutic alliance (TA) in clinical encounters, healthcare practitioners are presented with few opportunities to develop these critical competencies. Let COMPASS be your guide to optimized patient CARE.

This online presentation will present the science behind the alliance and identify key contributing qualities . The CARE model will be introduced as a framework that can be used to facilitate the development of the TA. Strategies to Connect to people, Accept their narrative, thoughtfully and specifically Respond, and to Empower to self care, will be described. Let COMPASS  be your guide to optimized patient CARE.

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