How TrustMe - Ed improves your life as a therapist
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How TrustMe - Ed improves your life as a therapist

Our mission is to make high quality educational content available for every physiotherapist around the world. Very practical and immediately applicable in the clinic. We want to make it easy to stay up to date and improve as a therapist

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  • 100+ lectures and courses
  • 2 new lectures every month
  • High-quality, evidence based lectures made by international experts in our field.
  • With a focus on musculoskeletal conditions, pain science, communication skills, exercise prescription, therapeutic alliance and more.
  • All the content is unique and can only be watched on TrustMe - Ed.

Free episodes

Would you like to get a taste of the high-quality lectures?

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We host Q&A live+online webinars with our speakers and you can watch them back.

We also host live+online Cognitive Functional Therapy courses with dr. Kieran O’Sullivan.

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Learn from world-class experts in our field, who have done the heavy lifting for you.

They have made high-quality lectures on their topic of expertise and summarized the evidence.

Not only made a summary, but also provided a bridge between the theory and the clinic.

Most lectures are very practical, so you can immediately apply what you have learned in your clinic, the next day.



You can get accreditation points in The Netherlands and the state of Texas in the USA.

The certificates you get after completing a quiz can be used for the UK and several other countries.



All the lectures have subtitles in English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Arabic, German.



Get happy patients who actually complete the program you've created

Our app gives you a quick and hassle-free way to create rehabilitation and training programs, and tools for you to follow up closely and get satisfied patients. And the best of all; your work days will be more efficient and you'll be able to take on more patients!


Quality articles for therapists

Check out our free posts on several topics in our blog.



You can discuss interesting topics in our discussion forum.

Ask your questions to get support from your peers.


Student discount

Are you a student? Then you can get a great deal if you want to become a TrustMe - Ed member.

Staying up to date and becoming a better therapist

is now very easy as a member of TrustMe - Ed

You can save time and effort, because our international experts have done all the hard work for you.

They have summarized the evidence in very digestible, high quality lectures.

Most lectures have a great mix between theory and practice, so it is easily applicable into your clinic.

You can become a member of TrustMe - Ed today and start your journey to being an expert clinician.

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