) Advanced exercise prescription

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Advanced exercise prescription

Advanced Exercise Prescription: By the end of the course, the learner will: 1. Prescribe creative and effective exercise programs 2. Apply exercise paradigms to exercise prescription 3. Prescribe exercise programs of greater complexity 4. Improve patient/client adherence

After section 1, the learner will:

1. Have an improved appreciation of exercise

2. Understand the meaning of "effect size" as related to interventions

3. Understand the what evidence we know and do not know about exercise

4. Begin to see the need to develop your exercise specialization


After section 2, the learner will:

1. Understand the concept of mechanotransduction

2. Discuss therapeutic alliance

3. Appreciate the value of a true partnership

4. Be able to lay the foundation for an effective and efficient exercise program

5. Further appreciate the need to develop your exercise specialization


After section 3, the learner will:

1. Recognize different exercise paradigms

2. Begin to apply one or more exercise paradigms

3. Reflect on the complexity of humans and the need for exercise specialization


After section 4, the learner will:

1. Become familiar with Paradigm Ex

2. Apply Paradigm Ex

3. Identify missing components of your own exercise prescription


After section 5, the learner will:

1. Become familiar with the evidence that supports Paradigm Ex

2. Understand Paradigm Ex in greater detail



Thanks to Drayer Physical Therapy Institute for allowing us to film Eric's lectures in their clinic.


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