) Rehabilitation Principles

Rehabilitation Principles 1:21:26
Rehabilitation Principles

My career has been characterized by ‘’constant change and updates’’ and in the last decade this ‘’constant change’’ has become so voluminous that it is hard to keep track if you have a daily job treating patients. I will discuss therefore what I believe are to be considered the strongholds of the physiotherapy profession.

The constant research updates in the field of pain and the affiliated physiology, the psychological and sociological factors influencing it as well as the physical and behavioral components being part of it require our constant attention and increase the potential complexity of our job. In this presentation I will discuss most of the variables with which we have to deal in a regular manner.

Sensitivity variables (pain and other sensitivity issues) are often being equated with the search for, or the presence of, distinct pathology although this, in several cases, is simply to be seen as being part of a normal spectrum. Especially in musculoskeletal medicine the morphological variables in pain-free subjects are numerous and may question the same diagnoses made merely on such. Without a doubt, several of the diagnostic labels with which we are confronted are prone to discussion and cannot be used to define treatment parameters or define patient-centered care.

I am making an attempt to further define professional identity, professional attitude, the required resources and dive into the dynamics concerning the rehabilitation processes.


Learning Points

The therapeutic encounter is potentially complex and the patient plays a decisive role in the rehabilitation process.

The rehabilitation process is a physical, cognitive, and behavioral active, often nonlinear, observational process.

Dealing with the constant flow of research data and updates of knowledge as well as the interpretation and judgment of the flow of  information requires a broad knowledge base, personal resources, and the presence of scientific and rehabilitation strongholds

The presence of an enormous amount of potential variables in our patients requires the search for individual care and patient-centered decision-making.

The use of academic titles requires academic science-based knowledge and behavior.

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Rehabilitation Principles

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