Hamstring exercise selection for injury prevention


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Hamstring exercise selection for injury prevention Hamstring exercise selection for injury prevention

Episode . Run time 33:03 - PUBLISHED ON 11TH OF AUGUST, 2019

This presentation focussed on highlighting considerations for hamstring exercise selection for injury prevention practices. The key points from this presentation are:

* When programming for hamstring injury prevention, the question shouldn’t be what is the best exercise, but what is the adaptation I want to achieve?

* Then you have a range of exercises to choose from base upon your goal.

* Each of these exercises will have a different benefit than the other, with not one being the best.

* The range of variables that need to be considered when selecting a hamstring injury prevention exercise are large and include items such as: exercise contraction mode, activation profile, range of excursion.

* Furthermore programming these exercises creates more questions around the volume, intensity, frequency, velocity and laterality.

This presentation then works through a range of these variables, providing evidence to help guide you towards determining the best exercise for your determined adaptation.

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