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During my concussion presentation, I delve into the definition of a concussion, how to identify it, and the various ways it can manifest.

Additionally, I discuss concussion management, particularly in high-pressure environments such as elite sports. I draw upon my 15 years of experience in professional rugby to provide a comprehensive understanding of the predictable and unpredictable issues that can arise when dealing with an athlete suffering from concussion. Real-life examples are given to illustrate the devastating impact of concussion on an athlete, both physically and psychologically.

I also explore the fascinating world of technology and the latest advances in research that I am directly involved with.

Finally, I touch on the current developments in the NHS and the exciting prospects on the horizon for the general public.


Learning points:

  • Concussion is the most common rugby injury, ahead of ACL and neck injuries
  • Understanding how to recognise the signs and symptoms could save a players life or career
  • If in doubt, sit them out
  • Repeated concussions can lead to long term physical and psychological problems
  • Technology, appropriately harnessed, can play an important role in the diagnosis and monitoring of concussion
  • There is considerable room for growth in the public landscape in recognising and supporting those people suffering from concussion

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