Words Matter Trailer

Words Matter- choosing words wisely with back pain: how to help and not harm Words Matter Trailer

Episode . Run time 00:58 - PUBLISHED ON 26TH OF MARCH, 2020

This lecture will:

· Review the application of the BPS model to the management of low back pain.

· Review theoretical and research literature on psychological factors relevant to back pain (eg fear-avoidance, pain-related fear, catastrophising, self-efficacy, pain beliefs), and how language can influence these.

· Highlight the importance of language when interacting with patients and provide strategies to use purposeful language to frame manual/physical assessment and treatment.

· Critically evaluate how explanations can negatively or positively impact the multidimensional nature of back pain and recovery.

· Introduce strategies to communicate helpful messages regarding low back pain which can contribute to enhanced patient engagement, confidence and recovery..

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