) Why coaching is more important than exercise in therapy

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Why coaching is more important than exercise in therapy

Exercise is great, I love it and I use it with all of my patients as a way to help them recover from injury and pain. However, there is evidence to suggest exercise is not the magic bullet in therapy.

One of the biggest problems we face with exercise is helping patients commit to rehabilitation programs. This lecture aims to explore the evidence around patient commitment/adherence and discover why good coaching is more important than exercise when it comes to this complex area of health.

Learning points:

1. What is the most important skill in therapy?

2. Why therapy is complicated.

3. Importance of patient commitment & adherence.

4. What does good coaching look like?

5. Why emotional intelligence is a key skill for therapists.

6. What psychological interventions a therapist can use for injury prevention.

7. How to build autonomy with patients

8. Why developing hope is essential for patient well-being and adherence.

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