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Running 50:41
Running injuries

Chris Johnsons extensive experience within the field of running makes him the perfect tutor for this course. He is an elite athlete, a physical therapist focusing on running injuries - and has also been a patient in the early part of his career suffering many injuries and also several surgeries.

Chris’ approach to physical therapy is multi-faceted in nature, but is centered on working with each patient in a customized manner to create the optimal environment to protect and foster healing of injured tissue(s) while educating them on current pain science. Chris strives to anticipate the needs of his patients while taking the time to address their questions or concerns to reduce any potential anxiety or threat during the rehabilitation process. Specifically, Chris focuses on addressing musculoskeletal dysfunction, functional limitations, and pain by blending manual therapy, motor control training, evidence based therapeutic exercise and pain science education.

In this course Chris takes you through most of the well known issues that can create running injuries, and with both feet firmly planted in modern Physical Therapy he takes you through treatment and rehabilitation.

The combination of Chris’ background as a competitive, multi-sport athlete and patient coupled with his extensive professional experience as a clinician and researcher puts him in the ideal position to help you.


Learning objectives

> You should be able to discuss why runners seek a physiotherapist and issues they may experience. 

> You should be able to tell how we can address running injuries through treatment and rehabilitation. 

> You should be able to pinpoint some red, yellow, and pink flags for runners. 

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