Mike Stewart - Patient Education


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Patient education Mike Stewart - Patient Education

Episode . Run time 1:24:29 - PUBLISHED ON 28TH OF JUNE, 2022

Do you advise and educate patients everyday in your practice?

Where you trained how to teach?

Helping people make sense of pain and distress is a daily challenge for healthcare professionals. Patient education forms a significant component of modern-day, evidence-based practice. However, many clinicians have a limited educational toolkit as less than 1% of all healthcare training teaches us the necessary knowledge and skills that are needed to guide and facilitate learning.

This lecture will introduce you to evidence-based educational theories to help you optimize your patient education skills. You will discover practical ways to develop empowerment, to understand the importance of experiential learning, and to learn how to develop a therapeutic alliance by exploring the dynamic relationship between how much you challenge patients and how much you support them.

Learning Points:
1. Explore current issues regarding patient-centered education in healthcare
2. Reflect upon challenges you face when educating patients in practice
3. Expand your teaching toolkit by measuring creativity & developing serious playfulness
4. To understand the importance of experiential learning in healthcare
5. Learn how the dynamic relationship between challenge and support can have either a positive or negative impact on empowerment & therapeutic alliance



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