Pain Science in the clinic


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Pain science in the clinic Pain Science in the clinic

Episode . Run time 1:11:12 - PUBLISHED ON 10TH OF JUNE, 2020

This 1 hour lecture will cover the basics of pain physiology and the clinical take  home messages for acute to chronic pain transition.  It is designed to be an introductory lecture on the concepts of the differences between acute and chronic pain and why the approaches to treating them need to be different.  

It covers


* Acute pain processing 

* Why context is really important in a pain setting 

* The physiological changes that occur as acute pain becomes chronic 

* Why it is important for us as clinicians to understand this physiology in the clinic 

* How we can better target acute pain to prevent it’s transition to chronic pain 

* What are approaches known to best meet the needs of patients with chronic pain


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