Tim Mitchell_Part 2


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From: Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework

Tim Mitchell_Part 2

Episode . Run time 14:22

Translating knowledge into clinical practice


Learning Points

1. Translating knowledge into clinical practice

-Gain a contemporary overview of the musculoskeletal pain landscape
-Be aware of the key opportunities for physiotherapist
-Gain an overview of how the Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework can assist translating this knowledge with individual patients

2.  What you might be missing with your patients

-Learn about the different component of the Framework and how they can be applied with your patients
-Gain a better understanding of why some of your patients don’t recover like you expect them to

3.  Applied case study

-Understand how the Framework is used in the clinical with an applied case study


You can learn more in the ebook Tim described here: https://www.musculoskeletalframework.net/



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