) Mindfulness in Stress and Pain Management

Mindfulness 45:55
Mindfulness in Stress and Pain Management

With the advancement in neuroscience research, mindfulness has proven to be a frontrunner tool in providing safe non-pharmacological care to patients with chronic conditions, including chronic pain and stress.

Mindfulness training has also emerged as a practical self-care tool in helping health care professionals build resilience, compassion and empathy, while preventing burnout and fatigue.


This lecture by Shrey Vazir (Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Mindfulness Facilitator), explores the following:

·         How to apply Mindfulness in Rehabilitation and the Management of Chronic Pain and Stress for our patients.

·         How to apply Mindfulness for ourselves as healthcare professionals to build resilience, compassion and prevent burnout.

·         The lecture will explore the background, research, evidence, and the practical applications of Mindfulness – both clinically and personally.

·         You will also learn mini mindfulness-informed techniques that you can start using right away for your personal well-being.

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