Clinically Useful Clinical Reasoning Trailer

Clinically Useful Clinical Reasoning Clinically Useful Clinical Reasoning Trailer

Episode . Run time 01:10 - PUBLISHED ON 28TH OF NOVEMBER, 2019

Course Description: This course addresses four areas of higher order thinking: (1) Balancing System I and System II Thinking Processes; (2) Targeting care that actually matters to health outcomes; (3) Navigating the unexplained and unknown; and (4) Recognizing the consequences of what you do (and what you don’t do). These areas are designed to improve decision making for individuals who are new to seasoned clinicians; not early learners.


Course Objectives:

1. Understand the definition of higher order thinking

2. Recognize the balance between system 1 and system 2 learning

3. Compare and contrast interventions that influence outcomes the most

4. Recognize that ambiguity is normal in rehabilitation management

5. Analyze the concepts of medicalization and overdiagnosis.

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