ACLR outcomes


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ACLR outcomes and potential solutions & MSK injury risk screening in sports ACLR outcomes

Episode . Run time 24:22 - PUBLISHED ON 17TH OF OCTOBER, 2019

ACLR outcomes and potential solutions

Explanation & learning points

The outcome from ACL injury and any subsequent reconstructive surgery is variable. This presentation covers typical outcomes from ACL reconstruction across several domains, highlights those factors which will predict outcome from surgery and discusses potential solutions to the poor outcomes. The presentation will aim to improve current understanding of outcome from ACL reconstruction, the factors which influence that outcome and potential solutions which might improve outcomes.


Musculoskeletal injury risk screening in sports

Explanation & learning points

Currently screening methods to identify risk modifiable factors which relate to the development of musculoskeletal injury are poor predictors of who will be come injured. This presentation covers key questions which need to be answered in order to more accurately screen for injury risk. It also presents a model for injury causation which more clearly positions modifiable risk factors to explain why some predisposed athletes (those who fail screening tests) go on to be injured whilst others do not. The presentation will aim to improve understanding of why certain factors predispose individuals to injury, how these interact with non-modifiable risk factors to develop greater vulnerability to injury.

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