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Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: 21st Century Physiotherapy Stephen King & Andrew Lemon Trailer

Episode . Run time 01:19 - PUBLISHED ON 24TH OF AUGUST, 2021

Presentation 1:
21st Century Physiotherapy: Improving patient outcomes using data and technologyWhat the presentation covers:

•How you can bring your practice into the 21st century with the power of technology and data

•5 key stages of the patient journey in our practices and how the use of data and technology each stage

•How we can be more personal with our patients without requiring more time

•Why patient education shouldn’t only happen in the room

•Some apps you download and strategies you can use in your business immediately

Link to e-book with Top 20 apps to bring your practice into the 21st Century:


Presentation 2:

Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: 

What the presentation covers:

•Why do traditional testing methods from University fail us

•Where does ‘functional’ data-driven assessment fit into what you do with your patients, clients and athletes

•Performance framework for medical, injury and return to sport testing

•How you can make better decisions + minimise risk of injury risk

•A new and simple assessment and return to sport test that you can use tomorrow


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