Adam Dobson Lumbar Stenosis Trailer

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Adam Dobson Lumbar Stenosis Trailer

Episode . Run time 00:41 - PUBLISHED ON 10TH OF MARCH, 2022

Lumbar Radicular Claudication associated with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is a surprisingly prevalent disorder in the middle and older age populations. Despite this, it’s a little-known condition and its only in recent times that it is being investigated with high quality research.

The purpose of this lecture is to explore Lumbar Radicular Claudication as a part of a broader syndrome. We will explore mechanisms, examination, management and treatment. This lecture is highly practical and condition specific but it is hoped that it can integrated into a broader biopsychosocial approach.

  1. To appreciate, compare and contrast various Radicular Syndromes, presentations and masquerading medical disorders.
  2. To develop up-to-date knowledge of risk factors and prognostic factors
  3. To develop deeper understanding of nerve root homeostasis and pathophysiology
  4. To consolidate approaches to physical examination
  5. To confidently educate patients, devise exercise programmes and support rehabilitation.
  6. To clinically reason onward referral

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