Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trailer

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Quick and dirty Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trailer

Episode . Run time 00:33 - PUBLISHED ON 14TH OF JUNE, 2020

ACT: Quick and Dirty is a whip through of the basic principles of the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework. Think of it like ACT 101.  It is probably best suited to people that have little to no experience in the ACT model and who are wanting a quick overview.  This is not a course in AC.T.  To be able to successfully, safely and effectively use ACT in your clinic takes time and practice.  Hopefully this is a moment for you to decide whether or not to invest in your communication and behaviour change therapy skills and be a springboard for you to find an in-depth and supportive course. 


I loved putting this together and came up with 3 short sessions, breaking it up into the framework of the hexaflex and Relational Frame Theory, the underlying principle of functional contextualism and the final session of doing.  Yep, even though this is a recorded session you are expected to get your hands dirty and give it go!


I hope you enjoy, see this framework in a new light and can see the value in developing your skills further.


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