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Which topic would you like to see more lectures on?

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  • Nils Oudhuis
    Nils Oudhuis
    Posted 7 months ago

    Which topic would you like to see more lectures on?

  • J
    Posted 6 months ago

    radiculopathy, radicular pain and the term sciatica.

    Piriformis Syndrome. 

  • S
    Sophia Lenzen
    Posted 6 months ago

    Lateral pelvic tilt (differences between left or right side tilt - how you treat it effectively?)

  • N
    Natalia Kitsouli
    Posted 6 months ago



  • N
    Noah Fassian
    Posted 6 months ago

    Manual therapy in contemporary physiotherapy

  • K
    Katja Marie Andersen
    Posted 6 months ago

    Physiotherapy targed different patients groups such as elderly or children

    Discussion about specific diagnoses to musculoskeletal problems - are they always neccessary?

  • M
    Melanie Mangold
    Posted 5 months ago

    Lectures related to common musculoskeletal foot problems / accidents



  • D
    Dominik Czerny
    Posted 5 months ago

    Thanks for the question, Nils.

    I want to see more lectures on radicular pain. Not only sciatica, but also radicular pain in front of the leg till knee-cap or radicular pain lateral the leg etc.

    I am also interested in differential diagnosis, the effects of manual therapy (e.g. structure-based vs. neuro-based) and 'how does pain arises' (immune-system, nervous-system, endocrinium etc.)

    Thanks a lot.

  • J
    Joyal johnson
    Posted 5 months ago

    Sports physiotherapy assessment

  • A
    Posted 5 months ago

    focus on the treatment of chronic pain apart from assessment. I am fed up of learning styles and questionnaire on assessment. Give me the power to treat.

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