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Shoulder Post Surgery

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    Posted 1 year ago

    Hi guys, 

    I have right now a patient, who had in May a surgery for her left shoulder. She is nearly 70 but very active and played Golf before and has a really good compliance to exercise. She had a trauma, she fell on her shoulder and got a fracture in the humerus bone in the upper arm. After the surgery she wear a brace and now her limitation is 90 degree abduction and flexion. She is doing a lot of active mobility and gets better, but the sensation in her left hand, especially in the thumb, index finger and middle finger annoys her so much. It is continuous  there, she even wakes up because of that. It is not numb, more like a tingling feling. The neurolgist did few test and said its not the nerve. Happy for any help! 

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    Christoph Papavassiliu
    Posted 1 year ago

    "Sensations": ways which sensations? there are sensations which are directly correlated to nerves.

    second at all: just because a neruologist says its not the nerve doesn't mean its not the nerve.

    also: have you checked out signs and symptoms of central censitization?


  • K
    Posted 1 year ago

    She had a tingling feelin, just in the nights, woke up because of the that and is taking now pain killers. In addition to that she doesnt have that much strength in her index finger and her thumb, to make the fist. But all the other symptoms are not correalte with the central censitization, no headache or dizzyness or anything else. I also dont think that the neuroligist did really test, the doctors in germany are not having that much time and cheching often everthing within in 2/3 min, most of the time. She is becoming better with a ART technique, which I am using. 

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