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How do bone stress injuries occur?

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Risk factors of bone stress injuries can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors.

Intrinsic risk factors look at a decreased capacity in the athlete while extrinsic factors are more of what we do to the body, which is the environment of the athlete or specifically the load.

What are the symptoms of a bone stress injury? 

  1. Gradual onset over a 2-3 week period:  Generally bone stress injuries come on gradually over several weeks. They usually start intermittent and they may become more constant. 
  2. Worsens with activity: Pain is always found to worsen with activity and is a common symptom.
  3. Pain during and after sport: The pain will be more prevalent during sport, but it can be there after sport too, and that indicates that the bone is coping less well.
  4. Aggravated by high intensity activity: It will be aggravated by high intensity plyometric type activity and a localized swelling, particularly in exposed bones like the medial tibial area may occur.
  5. Localized tenderness: It's often tender to palpate at the bone itself
  6. Night pain: Pain at night can also be an indicator that there might be a severe fracture.
  7. Pain on hopping: There is always pain on hopping in bone stress injuries of lower limb.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can watch Angela Jackson's lecture here:

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1. Lecture 'Bone Stress Injuries in the Athlete' by Angela Jackson 

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