The back course

The back course

4 hours of pure entertaining lectures. Most of todays important themes about the back in one big course.

The main goal of the course is to look at treating low back pain in a biopsychosocial model. A lot of the inspiration is from Peter O´Sullivan and Cognitive Functional Therapy. In addition the course will focus on movement patterns and movement directions that can give symptoms after the concept of Shirley Sahrman.
The course will also look at the hip and its relation to the lumbar spine. We will also cover areas like the pelvis, gluteal and hamstrings tendinopathy and how we can distinguish symptoms in these areas from the lumbar spine.
We also cover some hands on techniques for joint mobilisation and neuromobilisation and discuss when this might be relevant to use with your patient.
The course will be full of clinical reasoning and interesting patient cases to help with putting it all together.

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