We're raising our prices slightly on the 1st of February.

We're raising our prices slightly on the 1st of February.

THIS WILL NOT AFFECT OUR CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS! On the 1st of February, we will raise the subscription prices slightly. The new monthly price will be €11,99 and the yearly price will rise to €119. Take advantage of this opportunity and lock in the current price to save in the future. We'll even throw in an extra discount code for you to save more. Read on.


We want to allow you to lock in the current price before the 1st of February. We'll even throw in a discount code: LOCKWITH20OFF. Wich will give you an additional 20% off the first year of a yearly subscription. 

So your first year will equate to 79 euros. That's a €40 discount if you consider the price change on February 1st!

What are you waiting for? Get started and lock in the old price. It's never going to be cheaper to sign up! Remember to use the discount code: LOCKWITH20OFF when you sign up for a yearly subscription.

And remember. We have planned a lot of great lectures in 2022. This in addition to all the awesome lectures already present on the platform.

A few reasons why you could consider joining Trust me-Ed:

-Access to a great platform to stay up to date and to keep improving yourself as a clinician.
-Only high-quality, evidence-based information, taught by experts in our field.
-All you need on your journey of being a modern therapist.
-Original content which is only available on Trust me-Ed.
-A good combination between theory and practical lectures, so it is easy to apply your knowledge to the clinic.
-100+ lectures on a variety of topics and 2 lectures more every month.
-Subtitles in 7 languages.
-Earn a certificate of each course to use in your CPD.
-Watch the lectures from the comfort of your home.


We hope to welcome you to Trust me-Ed!

Last chance to sign up before the prices go up!

We're changing our prices 1st of February. More info
* This will not affect current subscribers
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